In my work blog, I just give tech explanation, I don’t want to bother much with maintaining actual blog software, I don’t want to have security holes, and I don’t want to pay a fortune just to have a fast website.

Additionally, I want to commit and push my blog entries to git, that is kinda cool.

Welcome to static web built by hugo which can be hosted for free on gitlab. This is best possible free blog you could possibly have. It gives you:

  • Speed.
  • No mysql server to maintain.
  • No rails app to maintain and upgrade.
  • It’s free, no $$$ payment per month.
  • Don’t let word “static” fool you, most of the stuff today works through javascript, so you can have google analytics, disqus and syntax highlighting on your static blog. This is all you need.

If you need additional speed, you can host your website on aws for (almost) free using s3_website. By using AWS Cloudfront service, you can unleash your personal CDN site for 1$ per month (first 12 months are free).


Well, if I managed to fool you in the previous section, let me now warn you. To use hugo, you will have to learn some “not so user friendly” templating. For example, he is how I generate category list:

{{ range $name, $taxonomy := .Site.Taxonomies.categories }}
   <li class="cat-item"><a href="/categories/{{ $name }}" class="upper">{{ $name }}&nbsp;<span class="badge">{{ len $taxonomy.Pages }}</span></a></li>
{{ end }}

So, nothing is free in this material world, so you have to pass through the valley of tears and learn some basic hugo templating to develop cool personal website.